360 Performance Reviews Helps in Better Employee Analysis

One of the most effective tools that are helping organizations to analyze their employees’ performance and behavior is 360-degree feedback. Introducing 360 degree feedback within an organization can help organizations in getting a better feedback about an employee.  Based on the 360 performance reviews, organizations can also learn how a person is performing his daily duties.

Knowing about 360 Degree Feedback

You might be thinking that what is this 360-degree feedback tool and why this tool is so important for an organization. Well, it is an assessment tool that helps employees to receive confidential and anonymous feedback from various people. One can receive feedback from multiple sources such as peers, subordinates, colleagues, managers, and even from clients. The feedback tool helps organizations to have a deeper insight about an employee’s strength and weaknesses. Furthermore, it can help managers and HR’s to consider if any employee needs to develop his/ her skills.

360 performance reviews

How The Tool Is Used?

Organization uses 360-degree feedback tool in two ways.

Firstly, it is used as a development tool in order to create self-awareness among employees. Employees can learn about their blind spots in their behavior, strengths, and weakness. Through 360 performance reviews a person gets to know how others perceive them, they can improve their behavior or work on their weak areas. If needed, they can develop new skills.

Secondly, 360 feedback can measure the performance of employees. Thereby, it can help in performance appraisal. The reviews about an employee’s performance can help to understand if an employee is competent for the post and is able to meet the business objectives. At the same time, through the tool, organizations can learn if an employee can perform better.

As you can see that main aim of 360 feedback is to evaluate an employee’s performance and behavior within an organization. 360 performance reviews can help an organization to identify the individuals who have the potential to become leaders and those who are not fit for the post. Wondering whether it’s of any help for the employee’s of a firm? Yes. Check out the rest of the blog.

How Employee Analysis Can Benefit An Individual?

360 degree feedback which is often referred to as 360 performance reviews or 360 analyses can help an employee in many ways. They are:

  • It helps employees to develop an increased self-awareness. They understand how their behavior is assesses by others. Self-assessment of one’s behavior can be compared with the appreciation given.
  • 360 performance reviews can help to focus on earning and development needs. It can help in self-development.
  • It can help in identifying and working on the strengths.
  • Identify priority areas, where the behavior needs to be changed, in order to improve work performance. Thereby, helping in organizational effectiveness.
  • It can help in addressing whether a person has got good listening, planning or goal setting skills.

Organizations can use 360 degree feedback tool, in order to improve team development, improving communication among employees, in order to develop a person’s career, and so on. Once an employee gets to learn about their weakness or blind spots, they can easily work on it and improve their work. To know more about 360 degree feedback and how the process works, check here for more information on employee evaluation mistakes.